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USA Drives offers low set up fees and the ability to track your advertising dollar to the penny. Allow us to reach the customers for you, while you focus on converting hot, local leads into sales and profit.


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Real-time, Exclusive, High Quality, Local Leads.

real time leads

Real-time Leads

Leads delivered in real-time means the customer is ready to buy now. Leads are delivered securely to your inbox within minutes of the customer applying - giving you the best chance at closing the sale.

exclusive leads

Exclusive Leads

Leads are exclusive to you. Each customer is assigned to one dealership only, giving you the best chance of closing a sale with minimal competition.

consistent lead volume

Consistent Lead Volume

We generate hundreds of thousands of quality leads a year, providing customers to dealerships in every state throughout the year, so you can rest assured your orders will always be filled.

pinpoint targeting

Pinpoint Lead Targeting

Leads filtered by location ensures that the customer lives within your chosen market. Whether it is by State, City or Zip Code, our precise targeting will provide you with the most relevant leads possible.

Smart. Affordable. Reliable.

Start getting quality leads you can count on with USA Drives today.

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